Modern Residence

With gorgeous waterfront views, this spacious three-bedroom apartment in an upscale, modern building looked out of place with its dated 1970’s décor and badly needed an update. To appeal to a high-end rental market, the homeowners hoped to increase function with additional storage space and boost style with natural, contemporary earth tones and luxurious materials.

The entranceway went from dull to dazzling with the addition of an elegant marble floor, and a sophisticated herringbone patterned hardwood floor greets guests in the newly enlarged dining and living rooms. Bedrooms now feature recessed lighting and solid hardwood floors accented with unexpected pops of vibrant colors in the rugs and cushions.

Previously, the small kitchen lacked efficient workspace and storage. Now, three large sliding glass doors can be opened up to connect the kitchen with the dining area. A cluster of exposed industrial light bulbs on red cords add welcome drama to the kitchen and gives the room a whimsical focal point, while a custom mosaic tile rug enlivens the space and augments the overall color scheme. Balance is achieved with bold blocks of color and touches of complementary neutrals.

Mount Davis, Pok Fu Lam

2,200 ft²