Rustic Elegance

This charming Soho studio had a lot of untapped potential, and the owner wanted to make more of a timeless design statement with her space while expanding functionality. Additional storage space was also a key element that influenced many decisions, while the use of textured wallpaper provided the rooms with depth and interesting textures.

First, the bulky front door was streamlined into two smaller doors that took up less space due to reduced swing radius. Guests outside are greeted by a playful metal deer head, sourced from a New Zealand flea market, with a small bell underneath to make their presence known.

Seamlessly incorporating food storage space in addition to a discreet spot where the washer and dryer are tucked away, the naturally lit open kitchen with its dramatic black metal glass partition clearly defines the space while allowing bright light through to the living room. There, an elegant ceiling fan overlooks a glossy television cabinet and chocolate brown leather sofa, both custom designed by Jennifer to provide a subtly sophisticated touch.

Unexpected sliding louvre doors in the master bedroom create a semi-open tatami space, ensuring privacy when needed. A platform base was added to provide hidden storage space under the bed, and a sleek, glamorous bathtub was added to the bathroom as a perfect finishing touch. The second bedroom was transformed into a walk-in closet and linen cupboard, and extra space was allocated for a hallway to visually expand the size of the flat. Neutral tones are layered and contrasted with pops of earthy colors throughout the home.

Soho, Hong Kong

520 ft²