Charming Bachelor Home

What began as a simple project (adding a kitchen oven) turned into a complete revamp of this two-bedroom bachelor home! The owner previously stored his clothing in the second bedroom, and after removing a wall, the second bedroom became a walk-in closet, and the master bedroom was enlarged. A previously hidden window with a prime view of Central was discovered and restored to its former glory, bringing more natural light into the space. Additionally, much-needed storage space was created in the study and by the entranceway. The small kitchen was transformed into a larger, more user-friendly space with a larger dining table to accommodate guests. Practical appliances were added, and basic finishes were upgraded to rich, latte hardwood floors and sleek lacquer-finished cabinets for an elegant look. The kitchen was big enough to accommodate a dining table, and much more space to move around. Adding stainless steel appliances and upgraded, premium finishes give the space a whole new look. New wood bookshelves add display space for collectibles, and a soft color palette encourages relaxation.

Soho, Hong Kong

Size: 550 ft2