Family Harmony

A new layout serves to make the home much more convenient for the busy family of four who lives there. The challenge for this remodel was to reconcile two very different styles: Dad wanted 1930’s classic, while Mom adored 1950’s vintage. The children’s rooms were thoughtfully done in neutral yellow and sky blue, deliberately kept simple in order for them to “put their own mark” on their rooms. Extra storage was created in almost all the rooms with the addition of shelves and cabinets.

Natural light brings out the warmer tones found in the exposed brick wall across the open living and dining areas. For two active, young children, the reconstituted processed stone floor was both durable and eco-friendly. All materials used were formaldehyde-free and non-toxic as much as possible, and an eco-specialist was present during the final walk- through. A sandblasted border around the living and dining rooms created a sensory textural experience, while neutral taupe walls contrast with the stone flooring, providing a crisp color palette that promises to always be in style.

Baguio Villa, Hong Kong

Size: 2,200 ft2