South Bay Serenity

A growing family needed space to expand into and wanted a simple yet elegant flat. Although the existing layout and original flooring remained unchanged, beige carpet and chocolate brown granite were added to make the interior feel fresh and modern and to balance the lighter finishes found elsewhere in the space.

In the master bedroom, a new dusty pink bed headboard highlights a soothing sleeping area while a large walk-in wardrobe clearly defines the storage area. The adjoining en-suite bathroom was reorganized with a large mirror cabinet, oversize spa bath tub, a state of the art multi-function toilet and an all-season thermo ventilator.

Additionally, a kid-friendly room with serious style was created with creamy pastel colors and whimsical balloon lights. These accents add youthful levity to the room but is refined enough that their young daughter won’t quickly outgrow the style. This playful mood is also reflected in the study (or the future second child’s room!) where a fresh pastel earth green walls lighten and brighten the room.

Through the use of layering soothing earth tones in the wallpaper, furnishings and marble, a timeless contemporary feel is evoked in the living room. The bespoke bookshelf houses personal mementos, photos and books, while soft lighting installed in the cabinetry subtly highlights details. A stylish bar and wine cabinet in the dining area features a bronze-tinted mirror and ash color wood sheathed with sand-blasted limestone. The illusion of a larger kitchen was created with a new set of sliding doors with sleek, frosted glass panels.


550 ft²