A Sailor’s Delight

The sophisticated owner of a high-end flat felt that it needed more space and light. The original unit came with cheap, dated lighting, a small kitchen with very little storage space and a dark dining room. A nautical theme was created due to the owner’s love of sailing all over the world.

First, the master bedroom was given some textured wallpaper to give the room a layering definition of space, and a new walk-in closet and storage area was created from the second bedroom. The bathroom was updated with sleek curves, elegant lines and sophisticated dark wood cabinets. Durable, high-quality wooden laminate flooring was added throughout the flat.

Cheerful lemon-yellow textured wallpaper created a cozy backdrop perfect for her numerous framed family photos, which became the focal point in the room. Two wall lights highlighted the intricate play of textures and shadows of the wallpaper. The dining room was enlarged by using the hallway space, and a spacious window was added to bring in more natural light. Delicate light blue walls and oversized glass panels clearly defined each room.

In the living room, we maximized space by turning the window sill into a TV cabinet. A better seating arrangement was designed for entertaining her many friends. The front door was given a fresh coat of bright yellow paint to give a welcoming vibe in contrast to the dark outside hallway.

Prosperous Height, Hong Kong

Size: 550 ft2