Modern Organization

Completion Date: November 2014

A prominent Hong Kong company needed an entire floor of public office space revamped to reflect its forward-thinking, modern image. Everything - the lobby, reception, conference rooms and hallways - had not been touched in over 30 years, so it was time for a fresh start!

With so many diverse spaces, the company’s interior was collectively softened and harmonized with a sophisticated blend of lighting, warm materials and light wood. A “magic glass” system was installed in the conference room, seamlessly changing the glass panels from opaque to transparent with the flip of a switch. The dated, chunky reception desk was replaced by a sleek, custom-made wood veneer and marble table.

Contemporary textured wallpaper and soft recessed lighting in the reception area combined with plush carpet tiles and high-quality light wood flooring create a luxurious yet cosy feel throughout the office. Special live plants, including peace lilies imported from Holland, purify the air and filter out common volatile organic compounds (VOCs), making the indoor air healthier for everyone.

The new design enlarged the space and defined private entranceways to subsidiary companies within the firm. The result is a warm, elegant interior that provides both a professional and welcoming environment for visitors and colleagues alike.